ArrowTour is Coming to NE-3A!

2014-10-ArrowTourSection NE-3A is excited to announce two of the Councils in our Section will celebrate the Order of the Arrow’s centennial as an ArrowTour host. ArrowTour is an interactive event for Scouts, volunteers, and Scouting alumni that will travel throughout the country during the summer of 2015. The tour will make stops on June 30th and July 1st at Camp Woodland and Camp Babcock-Hovey, respectively.

The purpose of the tour is to commemorate the Order of the Arrow’s 100th anniversary. During the event, participants will have the opportunity to learn
about the Order of the Arrow, its story, and its future. Some of the program
highlights include interactive exhibits, activities such as silk-screening and
branding, and challenge games. Participants will have a chance to meet some of the Order’s national leaders, and alumni can learn about the Scouting Alumni Association and local alumni efforts to supporting Scouting in our area. 

An exclusive ArrowTour Trading Post will carry ArrowTour and OA centennial merchandise. 

The program will conclude with a special show that recognizes the Order’s rich history and empowers participants to help shape the organization’s future. The Order of the Arrow is creating a truly unique and interactive experience for all Scouts, volunteers, and Scouting alumni.

You can find more information about the ArrowTour routes and program on the web at You can also keep up with the tour as it makes its way around the country by following @ArrowTour on Twitter.

Engraved Inactive Lodge Rocks

ash-rockHave you seen an ‘inactive lodge rock’? National OA Committee Chairman Ray Capp asked each active OA lodge to submit an engraved rock as part of a national OA rededication site at The Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve in West Virginia. National OACommitteeman Toby Capps later presented a resolution to the Committee which approved the addition of engraved rocks for merged, disbanded and otherwise inactive lodges so that they might also be recognized as a part of the site’s construction. So far, 144 lodges have sent in orders to the monument company to produce inactive lodge rocks or submitted homemade rocks directly to Ray’s house. In addition, 16 states and 1 territory are now complete having all of their legacy lodges remembered with a legacy lodge rock. A picture of a few different legacy lodge rocks is attached. These inactive lodge rocks will be a part of a national OA rededication site, in an area near the current lodge rocks. These inactive lodge rocks will also have a special display at NOAC 2015. There is a month to go to order rocks using the order form and two months to go submit homemade rocks directly to Ray Capp.

ta-rockAnyone can easily help recognize former lodges from any state or location. There is a list of inactive lodge rocks received to date, regardless of location, located at: Here’s how you can track down info for inactive lodges in your state, go to, then select “inactive and merged lodges only”, then select “create page”. From that state list of former lodges, the hot links to those former lodges will give all the needed information for the order form or to create a homemade rock (i.e., the Council HQ city/state and the dates lodge founded and ended).

ln-rockYou should check with your current lodge and council leadership to see if a rock was already done for a previous lodge and to make sure that they know. If you are interested in ordering a rock they may be purchased from Artistic Monument company in Tennessee for $130 at: All orders using this form must be received no later than May 1, 2015. When creating a rock, please add a third row of text to the rock that indicates the years of existence for the inactive lodge (e.g. 1945-1993) to your rock.

hdnsn-rockThere is no requirement to use the Artistic Monument company; you may still create and mail a rock directly to Ray which must be received by June 1, 2015 at :

Ray Capp
9 Warwick Lane
Nashville, TN 37205

td-rockThe original instructions and specifications for a lodge rock, which also apply to inactive lodge rocks, are still in affect and can be found at:


Jeff Goldsmith

Northeast Region Launches “The Quest for 100″

My name is Matt Bell, and I have the privilege of serving as your 2015 Northeast Region chief. It is the Northeast Region Leadership Team’s vision to fulfill the purpose of the OA:
“To develop leaders with the willingness, character, spirit and ability to advance the activities of their units, our Brotherhood, Scouting, and ultimately our nation”
Our primary method of doing this is through our National Leadership Seminar (NLS) and National Lodge Adviser Training Seminar (NLATS). In an effort to better accomplish this, the Northeast Region is launching The Quest for 100. In honor of our organization’s 100th anniversary and our commitment to developing the leaders of tomorrow, we want to have 100 participants at our upcoming NLS on April 17-19 at Camp Guyasuta in Sharpsburg, PA. This is something that has never happened before, and it will not be an easy endeavor.

We need your help!

If you have not attended NLS, I encourage you to sign up today! If you have already attended, then you know about the power of this seminar. Improving the quality of your lodge’s leadership should be enough incentive to send people to this NLS, but if that is not enough we promise that the Northeast Region will donate $100 to one lodge in support of their council’s Cub Scout program. Cub Scouts are the future leaders of Scouting and the OA – this is our way of continuing the legacy of developing leaders by helping to improve their program. The selection will take place on-site at the NLS, and the winning lodge key 3 will decide exactly how the funds are utilized (creating a new program to their Cub Scout summer camp, adding a Cub Scout fair at spring fellowship, etc.). Any lodge that sends 2 or more Arrowmen to the April NLS will be equally eligible to receive the funds (at least one must be a youth).

There are a few important details that you should know about this April NLS:
· Attending NLS counts towards the ‘personal growth’ requirement of the Arrowman Service Award.
· There is no limit to the number of people your lodge can send to this NLS.
· Lodge advisers and lodge staff advisers have the registration link.

Thank you for everything that you do for the Order of the Arrow. Together through our promotion of this NLS, we will enhance the leadership skills of the Order of the Arrow’s key youth and adult members as they seek to improve their service to the Boy Scouts of America and the greater community.

Yours in Service,
Matt Bell
2015 Northeast Region Chief

NOAC 2015 NE-3A Flaps and Flap Sets Available for Purchase

Sectione3a-noac2015-lodge-flapn NE-3A 2015 Conclave Lodge Flaps are Now Available!

Order forms are available for each lodge and for purchase of each set.

Lowanne Nimat
TKaen DoD
Tschipey Achtu

Arrowmen from within Section NE-3A can directly purchase sets using this order form.

Other Arrowmen can order sets using this form.

Thank you for purchasing flaps and supporting the efforts of the NE-3A youth!


2015 OA Advisers’ Conference

10974554_10153098691656907_9021795852526527650_oJoin us as we celebrate a “Century of Service”, 100 years of the Order of the Arrow! Members of the National Order of the Arrow Committee will facilitate dialogue on a variety of subjects: improving membership retention, lodge and chapter communication techniques, tips on achieving Journey to Excellence lodge status, and other topics requested by participants. Those attending will leave better prepared to achieve the purpose of the Order and to serve their council and community. Open to lodge and chapter advisers and all currently registered OA adults.

Register online at!

Lodge Unit of Excellence Award Form

unit_of_excellence_awardThe Order of the Arrow Unit of Excellence Award is an annual award that seeks to identify those units, and the leaders within them, who excel at incorporating the OA into their annual planning. This award is intended to provide a tool for lodges to recognize, incentivize, and operationalize unit-level participation in Order of the Arrow programs.

Unit leaders (OA Troop Reps, OA Troop Rep Advisers, and Scoutmasters) should download the form and strive to meet all the categories.

Return the completed form to your Lodge Staff Adviser before December 31 to receive your award in the Spring.