Train the Trainer and Council of Chiefs

We will be having our next CoC on April 6th at Camp Babcock-Hovey in Eagle Lodge starting at 9AM on Sunday for Lodge Chiefs, Lodge Advisers, Conclave Trainers, potential Lodge Trainers, and interested parties.

We will be conducting the Conclave Train-the-Trainer starting at 7:30PM on Saturday so please arrive at at 7PM.

Lunch will be provided as well as breakfast to those who are staying overnight.

The CoC agenda is here.

NE-3A Visits NE-1′s Lodge Excellence Summit

ne1-lesWith hopes of some day running an additional Section training event separate from Conclave, a small group of us visited NE-1‘s Lodge Excellence Summit on April 4-6.  Region Chief Kyle Piper and Section Vice Chief Forrest Gertin were presenters.  Section Training Coordinator Tim Jordan took pages of notes, recording how things were done in hopes of cloning the event here at home.


2014 Conclave Registration Forms Now Available

pdfPlease Note: Lodges have different forms!
Please use the correct form for your lodge!

TKaen DoD 
Tschipey Achtu 
Lowanne Nimat 

On-Time registration closes at 12 am on April 10.
Merchandise orders must be submitted before 12 am on April 10.

Late registration closes at 12 am on May 6.
Name and training changes will be accepted until 12 am on May 20.

Northeast Region High Adventure Scholarship Released

oahaThe Northeast Region High Adventure Program Scholarship was created in hopes to provide monetary support to Arrowmen within the Region by paying a partial or full scholarship to one of the Order of the Arrow High Adventure Programs at Philmont Scout Ranch, Northern Tier, the Florida Sea Base, and the Summit Bechtal Family National Scout Reserve.

It is the purpose of the Region to provide for first-time participating Arrowmen in hopes to enlighten their Order of the Arrow experience through participation in one of these programs. These programs are the epitome of what the OA represents: Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, and Service. It is for this reason that the Northeast Region and its leadership find it so imperative to not only support these programs but to also offer financial assistance for Arrowmen to help pay for the program costs.

Lots more details here: