Countdown to Conclave!

There are only a few days until Conclave! GET EXCITED NE3A!

A few things to remember before Conclave.

First: If you plan on doing any water based activities, you MUST have Part C of your medical form and if you are under 18 This Form signed by your unit leader saying you passed the BSA swim test.

Second: Please be sure to donate your patches to the patch auction send your patches to Ron Hill, Matty Dale Shopping Center, 2803 Brewerton Rd, Mattydale, NY 13219, Attn: Ron Hill  ASAP!

Third: Please be aware there are NO unauthorized personal vehicles in camp. Please be sure that you are prepared to walk at least 10 minutes or more to your camp site when you arrive. The good news is this year you don’t need to bring a tent! Please Note: Accommodations will be made with those with handicaps in getting to your site.

For any other last minute items please see our Facebook page or our Conclave tab.


We hope to see you at Conclave in a little more than a week from today!