NOAC 2012 Lodge Flap Order Form

Section NE-3A is creating a commemorative flap for each lodge in the section for the upcoming National Order of the Arrow Conference.  Each lodge will have a customized flap with their lodge name on the patch.

2012 NOAC Lodge Flap set for Section NE-3A

Below are the lodge flap order forms for each lodge.  Please use the order form for your lodge.  You can purchase either your own lodge’s patch for $3, or the complete set of patches of the 5 lodges in Section NE-3A for $25.

We encourage you to purchase several of your lodge flaps so you can trade with other lodges in our section, region and nation at the National Order of the Arrow Conference as Michigan State University this summer.

Not a member of Section NE-3A?

That’s OK.  We welcome you to purchase a set of all 5 lodge flaps as well.  Each set costs $50 for out of section members.  Please use the following order form, and fax it to the number provided at the bottom of the form.