Conclave 2018

Location: Camp Sam Wood, Portageville, NY
Date: June 1-3, 2018
Host Lodge: Ashokwahta

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Conclave Check-In


Bring your completed BSA medical form with you.

CVC Information

CVC Position Lodge Name CVC Name Adviser Name
Service Lodge Ashokwahta Josh Mullen  Bob Bowen
Media and Publications Tschipey Achtu Sean Hannon Jim Gaganon
Activities and Recreation Lowanne nimat TBD TBD
Shows Ho-De-No-Sau-Nee Alexander Saad Ginny Conway
Special Section Events TKean DoD Jacob Harpster

Logan Larrabee

Chris Larrabee
Native American Dance and Ceremonies Dale Gagnon

Patch Auction

The Annual Patch Auction is used to raise money to help Section expenses. Each lodge is expected to encourage its members to donate when possible.  We will have a variety of patches and merchandise available for you to bid on, both in the silent auction and in the live auction. Please try to send patches in advance, so that we can get a head start on auction preparations. Thanks!

Lodge Awards and Competitions

Our conclave awards were created to recognize outstanding service to the Section and the Order. At each Conclave, two arrowmen and two lodges are recognized for their achievement, dedication, and attitude toward serving others.

Most Outstanding Lodge
The Most Outstanding Lodge Award was created to recognize the lodge that not only runs an exceptional local program, but also operates in a timely and outstanding way on the section level. This lodge receiving this award cannot be the service lodge.

  1. All lodge delegates were properly groomed and wore proper uniforms.
  2. The behavior of all delegates was in accordance with the Scout Oath and Law at all Conclave events.
  3. The teamwork and participants of the Lodge in inter-Lodge competition was exemplary, and the highest degree of sportsmanship was displayed.
  4. Lodge submitted quota of patches for silent & live auction events
  5. Wears OA T-Shirt Saturday Afternoon
  6. Lodge Spirit was displayed  through lodge song or cheer during meals or other gatherings
  7. The lodge participated in the Swampathon and Gold and SIlver competitions

Most Cheerful Arrowman
This is awarded to an Arrowman who has shown exceptional cheerful and spirit during the conclave. Specifically, the award will be presented to the Arrowman who most closely exemplifies the following:

  1. Promotes theme of the Conclave.
  2. Maintains cheerful spirit when in the midst of irksome tasks and weighty responsibilities.
  3. Cooperates with and helps various members and staff groups at the Conclave to successfully carry out their responsibilities.
  4. Cheerfully Participates in every aspect of Conclave.

Most Outstanding Arrowman Award
This Arrowman has shown exceptional leadership ability and potential, and also has had a role in the success of the Conclave. Specifically, the award will be presented to the Arrowman who most clearly exemplifies the following:

  1. Arrowman is properly groomed and wears the uniform correctly and proudly.
  2. Arrowman is friendly and outgoing, helping those persons and programs areas in need.
  3. Arrowman interacts with Arrowmen in other lodges in the section.
  4. Arrowman actively and enthusiastically participates in all aspects of the Conclave
  5. The level and spirit of participation has been outstanding.
  6. The Arrowman has made a large contribution to the success of the Conclave.

Honor Lodge Award
The lodge that promotes Conclave and has the highest percentage of their members in attendance will receive this award.  The service lodge is not eligible to receive this award.

  1. The winning lodge is the lodge with most members in attendance at Conclave, based on percentage of their previous year’s recharter membership number.
  2. In the event of an exact tie, the award will be given to the Lodge with the largest rechartered membership number.

Lodge Website Competition
The lodge website will be judged using a set of guidelines based on the NOAC requirements. The main sections of these guidelines are: Content, Design, Pizazz, and Guideline and Technical Compliance. Website judging will be completed prior to Conclave.

Conclave Menu


Note: Special food considerations for allergies MUST be noted when registering on the registration website.  If that data is not provided to the service council in advance, accommodations on-site at the Conclave cannot be assured.

Future Conclaves

  • June 1 – 3, 2018: Ashokwahta
  • May 31 – June 2, 2019: Ho-De-No-Sau-Nee