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Officer Contact Information

Officer Name Position Email Address
Zach Hill Section Chief chief [at] ne3a [dot] org
Nathaniel Bauder Section Vice-Chief vicechief [at] ne3a [dot] org
Peter Huber Section Secretary secretary [at] ne3a [dot] org
Josh Mullen Conclave Coordinator conclave_coordinator [at] ne3a [dot] org
Alex Saad Section Webmaster webmaster [at] ne3a [dot] org
Forrest Gertin Past Chief past_chief [at] ne3a [dot] org
Rick Coloccia Section Adviser adviser [at] ne3a [dot] org
Stu Schnettler Section Staff Adviser staff_adviser [at] ne3a [dot] org
Jim Nelson Associate Adviser to Vice-Chief vc_adviser [at] ne3a [dot] org
Jamie Prowse Associate Adviser to Secretary secretary_adviser [at] ne3a [dot] org
George Bacalles Associate Adviser TBD
Bob Bowen Conclave Adviser conclave_adviser [at] ne3a [dot] org